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We work on various size planning applications and appeals. Whether for 1 house, blocks of mix use flats/commercial, change of use applications, office to residential, retail development, nursing home extensions, conversion from houses to flats/HMO's, extension to houses, viability reports and managing with third parties all aspects of FRA's, TREES, HIGHWAYS, BATS, ENGERY & NOISE reports. 


We can assist you with pre-purchase advice for new sites, prepare and submit new planning applications and manage the application process, planning authority engagement, planning committee and in the event of a refusal prepare and submit the appeal or prepare a revised application. 


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WARNING: As soon as you receive an Enforcement Notice you must act, as you usually have 6 weeks to appeal, if you fail to appeal you have lost that right completely and usually thereafter must comply with the notice. This can include demolition of buildings or conversions back from flats to houses. 

Rajan Patel has previously managed enforcement teams at Councils as well as winning appeals for clients to have notices quashed. 

We deal with all types of enforcement, from residential extensions, Flats/Hmo conversions, commercial enforcement and 4 year Certificate of Lawfulness Appeals. 

Act quickly, communicate with the Council and if you have no other options then you should appeal. We can advise and manage your appeal. Contact us on receipt of your enforcement notice or email it to us at

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