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25th & 26th March 2017 - Harrow


Who is this for?


Anyone looking to get into small scale property developing as an individual or group of friends or family. You may own property that has hidden development value or you may be looking to buy your first flat or house but want to buy smarter. You may own a commercial property that has potential. 


This workshop is designed to give you a step-by-step guide to starting your first project. Helping you understand the work involved and the risk-rewards. Your approach must be to buy smart, learning to invest your time as much as your money. Learning to evaluate sites before buying or bidding and also learning to walk away. Learn 'there will always be another site, one that meets your needs, capacity and expectations, in the short or long term. 


So whether you are a first-time buyer, retired, property owner, dentist, doctor or property investor you can still make money from developing with RIO of 25% to 50% P.A. or more based on your risk approach. Provided you have the time and resources, now is the best time to develop with borrowing to remain below historic rates, banks willing to lend and with continued housing shortages and a Government that's pro-development to help resolve this, not in one or two years but through the next decade. 


Areas covered during the Workshop:


  1. Understand the development process from sourcing to completion.

  2. Questions you need to ask yourself before you look to buy a development property.

  3. Learn to walk away, why some sites are worth more to someone else than you.

  4. Have an idea of planning, outline values and what’s needed for planning applications.

  5. Putting your best case in for planning and dealing with the application process, including your architects, planners and the Council.

  6. Understand passive and aggressive planning schemes, ones that get passed but may under-value a site to more aggressive approaches that release more value.

  7. Understand how a council will evaluate your planning application and the planning appeals process.

  8. A case example of small scale flat from 1 bedroom into 2 bedrooms.

  9. A case example of a small-scale residential conversion from 1 house into 2 or 3 flats.

  10. A case example of demolition of one building and erection of new building housing 6 flats.

  11. A case example of commercial or mix-use redevelopment ideal for shop owners or anyone who wants to redevelop part of an existing commercial property with new flats.

  12. Live demonstration – on the seminar day picking a property on the market, evaluating it and running through the pros and cons of developing it and the end value.

  13. Your Own Tool-Kit book – short run through.

  14. Closing Q&A for 1 hour. Attendees can ask questions on their own project ideas but this will be in an open forum so do not discuss anything commercially sensitive in this discussion.


ONE-Day Workshop rate £250.00 + Vat

9am - 5.00pm


Book a provisional place by emailing and give details of your full name, contact details and we will send you a booking link.

Workshop by Rajan Patel Dip, TP (BSc. Hon)

A graduate of UCL's Bartlett School of Architecture & Planning, Rajan has worked inside 12 Planning Authorities and as a Consultant across 40 more. He has 20 years of Planning experience, from reviewing 10'000s of planning applications with a mix of residential and commercial schemes. He advises client's on planning and development strategies and submits applications for new projects and appeals as part of DBPLANNERS Ltd. Rajan has worked on projects involving 600 new houses, new food superstores, multi-million pound s106 legal agreements and securing uplifts for private client clients, including professional developers, corporate clients and hedge funds. 


Rajan's extensive planning and outside interests mean's he is able to deliver an entrepreneurial approach to planning and development. This workshop is designed with a strategic focus. No services, investments, tie-ins or any other offers will be presented in the workshop, we just want you to listen, learn and ask your questions. 


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